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Gold vinyl edition. With fan worship more intense than ever, and worldwide interest and intrigue growing at runaway speed, Sleep Token are set to reach bold new heights with their third studio album, Take Me Back To Eden. This is the spectacular final chapter to the trilogy that started with their 2019 debut album, Sundowning. More than an hour of music across 12 distinctive tracks, it features the heaviest moments thus far recorded by Sleep Token (“Chokehold” & “The Summoning”), along with some of the most commercial and certainly the most emotional, with a slew of other tones, textures and tangents touched on in-between. Sleep Token boldly reconfirm a true love of the epic (the title track is eight minutes plus), whilst further exploring and developing those elements that keep the music removed from any kind of pack, howling at a moon that’s all it’s own. What comes next, only time will tell, but what’s certain is that it won’t be bound by convention.

1 Chokehold
2 The Summoning
3 Granite
4 Aqua Regia
5 Vore
6 Ascensionism
7 Are You Really Okay?
8 The Apparition
9 Dywtylm
10 Rain
11 Take Me Back to Eden
12 Euclid


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