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On Unknown Road, Pennywise steps up their songwriting, maintains all their fury and intensity, and lays out their phi losophy of independence and the importance of daring to live every moment to it’s fullest. This album featured a number of songs that played on tons of skate, surf and snowboarding videos, making this, and other PW records to come, the soundtrack to the exploding extreme sports board scene. Featuring such Pennywise classics as “Homesick,” “Unknown Road,” “It’s Up To Me,” and “You Can Demand,” Unknown Road is arguably the quintessential So Cal hardcore record of the ’90s. Reissued on limited edition Orange & Blue Galaxy vinyl to celebrate the album’s 30th anniversary!

1 Unknown Road
2 Homesick
3 Time to Burn
4 It’s Up to Me
5 You Can Demand
6 Nothing
7 Vices
8 City Is Burning
9 Dying to Know
10 Tester
11 Try to Conform
12 Give and Get
13 Clear Your Head

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