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They didn’t yet have terms like ‘alternative rock’ when Minneapolis’s Husker Du made their mark as one of the 1980’s most influential bands. With two skilled songwriters-guitarist Bob Mould and drummer Grant Hart-the genre-bending trio (bassist Greg Norton completed the lineup) juxtaposed hardcore punk speed and aggression with pop-leaning melodies. Add their uniformly thoughtful, introspective lyrics, and you’ve got this stunning 1984 double-length release, a semi-concept album about youthful rites of passage. It includes such memorable tracks as Mould’s ‘Broken Home, Broken Heart’ Hart’s ‘Never Talking to You Again,’ and the evocative 14-minute instrumental closer, ‘Reocurring Dreams.’

Tracklisting: A1 Something I Learned Today (1:58) A2 Broken Home, Broken Heart (2:01) A3 Never Talking To You Again (1:39) A4 Chartered Trips (3:33) A5 Dreams Recurring (1:40) A6 Indecision Time (2:07) A7 Hare Krsna (3:33) B1 Beyond The Threshold (1:35) B2 Pride (1:45) B3 I’ll Never Forget You (2:06) B4 The Biggest Lie (1:58) B5 What’s Going On (4:23) B6 Masochism World (2:43) B7 Standing By The Sea (3:12) C1 Somewhere (2:30) C2 One Step At A Time (0:45) C3 Pink Turns To Blue (2:39) C4 Newest Industry (3:02) C5 Monday Will Never Be The Same (1:10) C6 Whatever (3:50) C7 The Tooth Fairy And The Princess (2:43) D1 Turn On The News (4:21) D2 Recurring Dreams (13:47)

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