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Castle Rat, the story-driven Medieval Fantasy Doom Metal band from Brooklyn known for it’s theatrical, action-packed live shows complete with full costumes, choreographed sword fighting, and fake blood, is releasing the highly anticipated Into the Realm concept album through King Volume Records on April 12th, 2024. It’s taken a couple years to see this record through, and it is so exciting and rewarding to finally be welcoming it into the world. A huge part of the time it’s taken to release it has been finding someone we could trust to see our vision and bring Into The Realm into the universe with the same amount of love and passion we poured into it – and King Volume is undoubtedly that label. Into the Realm arrives after a blistering year that marked a successful Southwestern US tour; a lauded appearance at Desertfest New York alongside underground luminaries like Brant Bjork, 1000mods, Monster Magnet, Colour Haze, and Melvins; and their first powerful, doom-laden single, Feed the Dream, premiering in Revolver Magazine on it’s way to more than 500,000 streams. While the band pulls it’s visual inspiration from the over-the-top stylings of KISS and uses intricate costumes and theatrics to deliver spellbinding live shows, the band remains rooted in the Doom tradition of Black Sabbath, playing massive riffs and Tony Iommi-influenced licks under Pinkerton’s powerful vocals. To that end, Castle Rat’s live shows have already grown legendary in the underground community. The Realm of Castle Rat exists for those who crave swords and sorcery; stoner and doom; Frazetta & Sabbath; and battle-babes and beasts.

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